The members of the Digital New Deal Board of Directors are all founding members. They come from various backgrounds while having direct contact with the digital transformation of companies and organisations. Given their shared interest in digital issues, they decided to deepen their debate by creating a formal framework for production and publication within which they can dedicate their complementary experience to serve public and political debate. They’re personally involved in the life of Digital New Deal.

Olivier Sichel


Most of the think tank’s funding comes from the board members’ annual membership fees, which range from €10,000 to €20,000. In 2020 :

  • Accor
  • AM Conseil
  • Bpifrance
  • Bona fidé
  • OS Conseil

The rest of the funding comes from the following exterior companies subscriptions :

  • Covea
  • Jolt Capital
  • Paylib
  • Qualium Investissement

For 2020, the think tank’s means amount of €90,000. It comprises 70% of the board members’ annual membership and 30% of exterior companies subscriptions.