In the market of contactless mobile payment, private operators control mobile operating systems and favor their own services over French and European solutions in a discriminatory way.

By Houssem Assadi (Dejamobile), Lionel Baraban (Famoco), Nicolas Bruley (Antelop Solutions), Jean-Michel Chanavas (Mercatel), Vincent Duval (Paylib), Michel Ganzin (Groupement des Cartes Bancaires) and Raphaël Richard (PlayFrance.Digital)

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A one direction power balance is at the heart of the digital economy. Through proprietary mobile operating system (OS), Big Tech companies lock consumers and user companies in their ecosystems and secure their monopolistic positions thanks to strong network effects.

The instant mobile payment market is a good illustration of this, with the presence of gatekeepers who, by abusing their dominant position in mobile OS, end up destroying all forms of French or European competition.

Solutions preventing this phenomenon should be supported by the legislature, in order to offer an equal access and an unbiased choice for consumers.