For AI to be a guarantor and vector of these values, we must demonstrate high ethical and political standards towards it. The “AI des Lumières” as understood by the Digital New Deal think-tank, is an “AI of trust” that refuses to let ideological biases – libertarian or authoritarian – guide its definition today, only to be translated into technological biases with a wide range of impacts: economic, societal, or ecological. Hence the importance of translating our values into global standards through the European regulatory package that creates this space of trust for the benefit of citizens and companies


« Trustworthy AI, a true beacon of our digital sovereignty and industrial competitiveness »

For our excellence in AI research to be translated into industrial leadership capacity, regulation alone is not enough. We must succeed in creating industrial cooperation at the European level, in line with our ambitions, to guarantee this digital sovereignty and to develop our industrial competitiveness. Writing this new chapter by 2030 is entirely possible. France for instance has already launched several ambitious programs that this report proposes to complete to increase its continental dimension and guarantee its impact.

In the following report, we present a method for achieving this at the European level. On the one hand, we propose making trustworthy AI the arrowhead of an ecosystem of trust and guaranteeing our strategic autonomy, and, on the other hand, we propose capitalizing on our industrial culture (critical systems) to seize this historic opportunity of conquering the global AI market.