In such a context where cybersecurity risks are becoming more and more persistent and sophisticated, the State therefore, must educate to ensure that our companies, local authorities, and fellow citizens are well aware of the challenges and are armed to deal with increasingly regular and serious threats.

The European Union must equip itself with an ambitious strategy, making cybersecurity the fourth pillar of its strategic autonomy. It must not hesitate to question the current political and legal framework in order to do so. Europe must indeed aim for total autonomy in its ability to assess and manage cyber risk.


“A collective awareness of
the cyber risk is necessary to build a trustworthy digital world”

It is this path, beginning from awareness all the way to collective trust, that authors Arnaud Martin and Didier Gras invite us to take. Along the way, they will come up with concrete proposals that will feed this ambition, thus completing our “Numérique de confiance (Trusted digital)” collection2, which is composed of four complementary notes. According to our think-tank, cybersecurity is the underlying element of the “Cloud, Data, AI” triptych that constitutes the trust ecosystem. For there can be no trust without security to dispel fears, and without sovereignty to ensure that we are masters of our own destiny.